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Law Enforcement & Military

Law Enforcement and Military

Majestic K9 Group reserves international integrity and standard for military and law enforcement working dog protocols training services, revered and recommended locally and internationally, MK9G is the best consideration for any military or enforcement agencies looking to improve their K9 units or to build reputable K9 teams.

Our services for law enforcement agencies and military or parastatal are: patrol dog training, detection dog training, Special Forces dog training et cetera. MK9G also holds different workshops and seminars for law enforcement and military agencies or parastatal to improve current working K9 team's capacities. Contact us (info@majestick9group.com) for further enquires on special needs of your agency or K9 unit.

Patrol dog training

Agencies or entities requiring the special need of accompany to lone patrol officers or handlers are prospects to be equipped with patrol dogs. Selected for their confidence, high dependability, our patrol dog training protocol comes with series of tactical for ease of handling and street worthiness in performance capacity.

Our patrol dog training wouldn't only ensure absolute back up, where required , patrol dogs are trained to seek out un-exploded ordinance (UXO) / Narcotics and can also be a fleeing suspect trailer (dual or multipurpose K9), which are credible investment for agencies and K9 units alike.

Patrol dog training
Detector dog training

Detector dog training

Single purpose Detection dogs are trained to search and indicate on explosives material/devices or narcotic substances, any of which is a huge advantage to agencies and K9 units to maintain deterrence to crime and enforcement of the usage and movement of controlled substances across states and borders. Our proven passive or aggressive indicative result oriented imprint program ensure a great beginning to a qualified certification and field results.

Using world gold standard (inert) training aids during our imprinting detection program ensures that our dogs knows odor and will not false alert or indicate.

Special Forces / Speacial Task force dog training

Purposely for the high handed need of agencies or special operation teams and units, we offer a vast range of special tactical training protocol to suite specific needs. Such training can be considered to aid and manage high risk deployments/ breaches and can extend to evacuation assistance.

 Special task force dog training
Detector dog training

General Dog Training Servicies

MK9G has an unmatched capacity with dog training in general, highly reputable for her world class dog trainers and instructors combined with the effort of a team that only research and discuss dog training, we stand clear as our training principles includes the prospective users of a trained dog services to ensure smooth transfer of hands with a firsthand theory that firmly grounds an handler/family with what to expect and how to manage their expectation without truncating relationship with their dog(s). Services in this category include but not limited to: Companion dog training, Personal protection dog training, Behavioral modification etc.

Personal Protection Dog Training

Individuals, families and VIPs can benefit from our exclusive personal protection dog training program. We bear the understanding of functionality and stability in this respect, thus safety is guaranteed per handling capacity and appropriate selection, testing, training and handling transfer for the most effective usage of trained personal protection dogs.

 Special task force dog training
K9 Teams Services

Companion Dog Training

Your Lifestyle depicts what kind of companion dog will suite your home in regards to breed, temperament and general maintenance. For this reason we prefer to give a firsthand selection advice, such advice play's key role in the selection of the right companion dog, followed by the right training to suite individual or family lifestyle.


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