Above Names, Beyond Sense.

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We Have over 10 Years of Experience

Majestic K9 Group here on referred to as MK9G is a private company with specialty in working dog training and operations. We are registered with Nigerian corporate affairs commission; with registration number RC: 973840.

We provide a bouquet of upscale products and services including the training of working dogs, deployment operations and allied projects.

Although we are domiciled in Nigeria, we cover Africa and round the world and customized our solutions to suite peculiar requirements among different protocols and programs for entities, VIPS, corporate entities, k9 units ET cetera.

Over the years, our proven methods have yielded results, ensuring excellent services delivery. Our niche is found in an unmatched and highly trained dependable working dogs, handled by vastly experienced expert trainers. This has earned us our motto: "Above Names, Beyond Sense.”

Our Vision

To disrupt and be a driving force in the working dog industry, through the application of uncommon techniques.

Our Mission

To provide and promote a pragmatic and world class supply chain of working dog products and services, especially through novel working dog certification standards and enhanced field performances.


We would deploy a solution-oriented approach, propelled by cutting-edged research, that will consistently yield the highest standards of working dogs, certification programs and improved certification templates.


Our very foundation is anchored on integrity. As pioneers of a new approach, we are mindful of our obligation to apply good faith and intentional drive that guarantees efficient delivery for every project. Other than to deliver at the highest standard possible, we are sensitive about whom we deliver what, and also consider the unique interest of operators in close culture communities to our heart and deliberate hands.


We are committed to providing solutions through an operational approach that will endure all weathers. In the wake of Covid 19 among other economic recessions, for example, we created fairer transactional terms, and more intimate platforms for our clients.


At our very core, is empathy. We wear the shoes of our prospective clients and are conversant with the challenges forced by all types of promoters; from the regular companion dog owner to the professional dog handler. We also assume the voices of dogs that cannot speak for themselves and match same with the utility expectations of an industry. This defines our proposed solutions. We understand that a dependable military working dog saves the lives of its unit and projects its nation’s territorial integrity, we are open and understand these various challenges.


Beyond our urge and drive for improvement in delivery of our products and services, we create a feedback loop from our clientele and we take it very seriously in making changes in the supply chain of our products and delivery of our services.


We have a team of vast experience workforce, with alliances all over the world. Our team is dedicated and of the best potential to yield par excellence services delivery to our clientele. We have proven results with actively working dogs in various facilities, acting as deterrence to crime and protecting lives and properties across and beyond Nigeria.


We have always and will always meet the need to effect changes and adopt a more dynamic approach that will guarantee even increased efficiencies in the interrelationships between human lives and dogs. We will continuously review our templates towards, but not limited to the creation of new working dogs protocols.

Our Team and Alliance

MK9G has a team of vast experience work force (Team), with alliances all over the world. Our team is dedicated and of the best potential to yield per excellence services delivery to our clientele. We have proven results with actively working dogs in various facility, acting as deterrence to crime and protecting lives and properties across and beyond Nigeria.

Whom we have worked for:

  • Nigeria Army
    Nigeria Police Force
  • Duty Link
    Duty Link
  • Egbin Power Station K9 unit
    Egbin Power Station K9 unit
  • Duffy Dogs
    Duffy Dogs
  • Dog whisperers’ ltd
  • Dreamnest kennels ltd
  • And many more.
  • Nigeria Police Force
    Nigeria Army
  • Phenix K9
    Phenix K9
  • Boerboel Alliance
    Boerboel Alliance
  • Grandiose Kennel
    Grandiose Kennel
  • Iwinosa Boerboels ltd
  • Great L & T Autos ltd
  • K9's 4 Cops Nigeria
    K9's 4 Cops Nigeria
  • Cynology Club of Nigeria
    Cynology Club of Nigeria
  • Blue Print Seent Global Foundation
    Blue Print Seent Global Foundation
  • Rio hundo Spread ltd
    Rio hundo Spread ltd
  • Joeman Autos ltd
  • Alpha one K9 ltd

Trademark Logos

  • TT6
  • ABNS
  • Pro Fit
  • Growth


Happy Clients


Obedient Dogs


Days With You

Why choose us


Over the years, across and beyond Nigeria, there has only been two consistent subjects about our services I.E our services are germane (relevant) and on time. On various fronts, where challenges has faced out many of our contemporaries, we stood firm and proofed solutions to such challenges.

Our managerial team brings across the board over three decades of experience in dog (K9) training, operations and general usage of dogs in security units and enforcement agencies, not without our business intelligent expert that orient field work into digital interpretation to carry the bulk of our clients along with our field work operations and results.

At every level, we are unmatched and beyond unmatched, we will stay on top of our industry, bringing latest researches and inventory into field works to improve dynamicity and results in general.

Business Partnership

MK9G is a reasonable result oriented partner to other business firms and open to business partners all over the world.

Meet Our Managerial Team

Mr. Idowu Abiodun

Mr. Idowu Abiodun

An entrepreneur, medic, project manager and a working dog trainer, founder of Majestic K9 Group. Idowu Abiodun bring about a decade of experience as a K9 trainer.

Mr. Femi Obaweya

A social entrepreneur and defense analyst, with varied experience in insurance and safety risk management, Femi Obaweya bring over 18 years of experience as a K9 security consultant. Certified in the administration and organizational structure of the effective use of K9 units.
Mr. Haruna Popoolae

Mr. Haruna Popoola

A highly skilled and accomplished software professional with a wealth of experience at top-tier IT firms. With a proven track record of innovative problem-solving, he currently leads all IT-related operations at MK9G, bringing over 10 years of expertise to the table.


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